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RBT Training Course, Central London - October 2017

BCBA Sequence Course, Roamnia - February 2017

BCBA Sequence Course, Crotia - February 2017

​BCBA Sequence Course, Roamnia - March 2017

BCBA Sequence Course, Athens, Greece - May 2017

Past Events

BCBA Sequence Course, Paris - September 2016

BCBA Sequence Course, Roamnia - September 2016

BCBA Sequence Course, Athens, Greece - November 2016

Board of directors meeting - BACB, Denver, USA

​Teaching children with autism several skills through use of video-modelling -ABAI 42nd annual convention - Chicago - May 2016​ 

ABA International Conference - Bucharest April 2016

BCBA & BCaBA Sequence course in association with Clemson University - Romania - March 2016 

Techniques in Applied Behaviour  Analysis - Paris​  January 2016​​

BCBA Approved Sequence Teaching - Athens February 2016 

BCBA Master Teaching Video modelling workshop - Italy December 2015

BCBA Sequence course lectures - Athens - November 2015

​​Invited Speaker at Baia Mare, Millennium Centre, Romania - National conference with international participation "Accept me as I am - about ability and disability"​Edition III - October 2015

Summer School - Rethymno Crete, Greece - July 2015

BCBA Sequence course - Athens, May 2015
ABA International conference - Moscow, May 2015
Video Modelling Seminar - Thessaloniki, Greece - March 2015
Video Modelling Seminar - Athens, Greece -  January 2015

Educational Lectures  - For parents and professionals - Limassol & Nicosia in Cyprus 
"A Brief Overview of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and how it can improve a variety of skills in children with Special Needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)."
Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) 3 days Training 
Total 24 hours training topics covered:
Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
Introduction to ABA for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Registered Behaviour Technician (RBT) task list​

Video modelling Workshop in autism treatment - London May 2014
Given the visual superiority of people with ASD, the majority of current educational programmes rely on visual supports. Drawings, pictures or videos appear to be particularly motivating. This seminarwill focus on video modelling aiming to provide participants with a sound understanding of all critical underpinnings of this procedure, necessary for   the design of appropriate individualised interventions.

Autism Consultancy Services 

Undoubtedly, further education should constitute an integral part of everyone (e.g., parents, tutors, therapists etc.) who is involved in the provision of an ABA programme for individuals with ASD. Therefore, a number of training sessions are organised and delivered, including Autism workshops focused on areas such as described below:
Activities of Daily Living (e.g., dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, grooming); Academic Skills (e.g.,Literacy, Maths); Social Skills​ (e.g., co-operative play, sharing skills, ​social initiation, attention, listening skills, following directions); Play Skills​; Verbal Behaviour​; Communication Skills; Motor Skills​ ​ (e.g., pre-writing and writing skills, scissors, manipulative skills, eye-hand co-ordination, balance spatial awareness)​; Assistive Technology in Therapy; Registered Behaviour Technician™ course; Supervision  BCBA as well as BCaBA certification​

​Seminars, Trainings & Conferences