ACS is directed by  Dr Christos Nikopoulos, 

who also serves as an applied research

representative at EABAHe provides

consultation for assessments, setting up 

programmes, training, workshops and 

supervisions for CPD requirements, reports

for tribunal processes. 

Upcoming events & News

ACS offers consultations with regards to assessments, home-based and school based programmes, parent workshops, tutor and other professionals training.

       (16th, 17th, & 18th November 2018 (Central London; in person) and 1st & 2nd December 2018 (Online interactive).

The RBT has become the 4th credential used by the BACB® - BCBA-D (the highest) - in an effort at establishing training standards for behaviour technicians. This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician Task List ( and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential. The program is offered independent of the BACB as required. ​

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Christos Nikopoulos AKA "Dr. Nik," is so wonderful, and we were so blessed to have him in our son's life these past two years.  Dr. Nik, would let me borrow books and tools to help during therapy, he never once ever doubted my son's potential, but mostly praised him in his hard work that he did every week.  He would work with my son's teachers at his school, and came with us when we saw the developmental Paediatrician.  My son has changed tremendously since we started ABA with him, and it's so much fun to see the progress that he has made.  
When you have to spend time with someone once a week, you end up learning a lot about that person.  Dr. Nik has such great passion for children with Autism, and truly cares about them, and their future. We are moving away so we had to end our services with him, but Dr. Nik has become part of our family, and we will truly miss him when we leave.    

- Parent 

Our Services 

 ACS provides ABA Consultancy Services to individuals with autism and their families either “in-person” or “remote” (online) anywhere in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, Australia, Dubai, Saudi-Arabia, India and many other countries  . ​​​​​

Christos has been an excellent mentor to me throughout my last years in the UK. As my supervisor, he has provided me with fruitful knowledge of our field of ABA and life in general. His motivation and passion for his work has been a source of inspiration for me, to strive towards higher goals. As a consultant, he has been remarkable in managing our team, while focusing on specifics of the client’s needs in an ethical, consistent and efficient manner. Christos is an outstanding Behavior Analyst, but above all is a warm person with an in depth understanding of ABA and autism. I would undoubtedly recommend Christos without any reservations, as a supervisor and/or a consultant.

- Tutor/ Student

Autism Consultancy Services 

Because of Christos and his ABA tutor our son is speaking clearly, interacting with others, following instructions and taking in the world around him.  We also now know how to work more effectively through some of the challenges we face with him such as tantrums and difficulties with food.  More importantly, he is a lot less frustrated and a much happier child!  I would highly recommend Christos to anyone in need of help!

- Parent



Christos represented us at SEN tribunal, which we won and my daughter now attends an ABA school. He was able to argue at the hearing how the standard autism teaching methods (TEACCH, Intensive Interaction and PECS) were not adequate for my daughter and how much ABA had improved her learning and skill acquisition.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Christos as a consultant for your child's ABA program.

​- Parent 


February 2018

Explore misconceptions related to toilet training

Parents & caregivers desperation towards training the children to have toilet training is explored in this article. It mainly focuses on the myths regarding toilet training and clarifies some doubts. 


March 2017

Video-modelling and Autism - a great tool for teaching new behaviours

As technology has advanced incredibly, video-modelling technique used behaviourally can give quick and positive results. What could be better to know more about video-modelling than a video which introduces     video-modelling technique in autism. Click on the link below.

February 2017

Misconceptions of ABA 

We all know about several misconceptions around ABA. Here are some really useful and simple clarifications to start with. Remember ABA is a 'science', which can be applied to anyone and everyone. You just need a really good understanding. 

January 2017

Application of behavioural principles to adolescents and adults with autism

Why are we not using ABA informed services to enhance lives of older individuals with autism? This article - Building Comprehensive,            ABA-Informed Services In An Adult Residential Setting- gives a detailed overview and discusses the need for change. Click on the link to read more -